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Gemini I

by Johanna Warren

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seanfrenette Transcendant, gorgeous melodies. Thoughtful poems. Spacious, inner music and soundscapes. Favorite track: Let Me Stay.
David Greenwald
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David Greenwald Just about the best folk album of the year. Words and vocals that will live rent-free in your head forever. Favorite track: Hungry Ghost.
Travis N
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Travis N mysterious, magikal, minimal folk music. it will literally haunt you in your dreams (in a good way) Favorite track: circlenot astraight.
Sara Riley Mattson
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Sara Riley Mattson Gemini I is flawless. It is the kind of album I dream about. Favorite track: There is a Light.
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JOHN MATHIAS Lovely Celtic pipes introducing an optimistic anthem of hope for us all. Reminiscent of a mixture of 'Don't give up' and Talk to me' by Peter Gabriel. Johanna you crack some beautiful music. Favorite track: There is a Light.
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A Bird in the Crocodile’s Mouth Feels like it's been a while— what am I waiting for? Your empty-hearted smile? I don't care anymore. The slow descent into the madness of our fears. You know I meant to do it better this time, but I'm not really here. You went the extra mile— am I supposed to be proud? You're in denial; I can't stand by watching you drown. I know the game, don't wanna waste another day just grinding our gears. There's no one to blame for all the pain you've felt all these years. Feels like it's been a while— what am I doing wrong? Tooth of a crocodile, I guess you were right all along.
Hungry Ghost 02:30
Hungry Ghost Go back inside, there’s nothing here to see. Don’t try to describe me to me, ‘Cause if you can think it, I’ve already said it in a meaner way. And anyway, the thing is I try to forget it, but it’s here to stay. And I’m sick of everybody leaving me for dead— all I hear is people grieving, even in my head. They say that what you give is what you get; I gave you everything, and all I got is a lot of regret. Come back inside, it’s getting cold out here. I want to survive another thousand years. And this is the reason I can never tell you what I mean to say: the sounds I’m making, you’ve already heard ‘em in a cleaner way. But I’m sick of everybody leaving me for dead— all I hear is people grieving, even in my head. They say that what you give is what you get; I gave you everything, and all I got is a lot of regret.
Let Me Stay 05:05
Let Me Stay Sister, where’d you go? I’ve gone and fallen off my horse again. Summer’s ending; I’m remembering everything we could’ve been. But those forever feelings never stay. I had a center once; she went away. Was the weight of my darkness too great? Call me the light – I will drive those demons away! Brother, where’d you go? I’ve wandered off and lost my way again. My feeding frenzies leave me feeling empty nine times out of ten. Those phosphorescent petals always fade. You said you loved me once, but something changed. Was the strain of my sadness too great? Call me the rain – I am here to clean the slate. Brief moments of bravery, relapses into cowardice. Glimpses of profundity, dances with the precipice. Retreating back into your slippery shell— safe within the dismal diving bell. Well, instead of going into hiding and pushing everyone who loves you away, what if you opened up your doors and let me stay?
The Blessing / The Curse Tie the tourniquet tight; bathe my eyes in angel light. I never believed a word I said was true; I was abusing language to have power over you. And I know I'm the devil, I know I'm a mess; but I'm not a broken record, I learn my lessons fast. Push that feeling down— you'll scare them all off if you let it out. But I don't want to not have anything to say. Nothing in my body's telling me this is ok, so I will find the part of you that I can love; my blessing and my curse, I am what you are made of. She painted me white, changed my bandages and stayed the night. And I am here to learn all that she has to teach; I will swim towards her lighthouse, always just out of reach. After all I wanted nothing if not love: the blessing and the curse I can't stop dreaming of…
circlenot astraight The answer comes as a question mark, and I can’t be bothered to remark. What did I know but wasn’t ready to say? I am your sister—don’t pretend I don’t know your tricks; you were my only friend. I never thought that we would end up this way. My addictions make me hate, but my afflictions make me kind. I’m a circle, not a straight line. Then we get swallowed by the abyss. What is the meaning of all of this? You might act like you’ll never die, but you’re getting old. Don’t act like you don’t love the sting— I know you’re capable of anything. You were the most convincing lie I ever told. My afflictions make me hate, but my addictions make me kind. I’m a circle, not a straight line.
There is a Light Buried alive, we got sucked down the funnel. But there is a light at the end of our tunnel. So don't waste your time giving up when you could be forgiving. Don't lose your mind; don't forget this life is for the living. Here is the girl you don't remember meeting to show you the love you're so afraid of needing. You fight so hard just to make them all think that you never struggle. You say you see how it is; what you're looking at is a piece of the puzzle. And we could put it together, or disintegrate— you know it's now or never, but it's never too late to give it all away. So give it all away. Well I know the world is in all kinds of trouble, but you can't live your life in some aseptic bubble. So don't lose sight of your worth and the infinite wealth of gifts you've been given. Open your mind to the world and the intimate well of truth that lay hidden. Well we could lie down and collectively seal our fate… You know it's now or never, but it's never too late.
Glukupikron 03:19
Glukupikron Sickened as I am by my own behavior, I cannot seem to make it change. You’ve given me all the chances I deserve to prove you right and clear my wretched name. Why do I fight all that I know to be good and true and holy and right? And what is this drive to drive you away when your love is what keeps me alive? Bittersweet pill, promise me you will be here still. I believe my sadness has served a purpose, but I see how bad it fucks with you. I have had my fill of feeling worthless, and now I’ve got better things to do So no more doubt— slit my belly open, pull that stubborn stuffing out! And fill me with light— I think I’m finally ready to be alright. Bittersweet pill, promise me you will love me still.
Little Red Lines Well, here I am; I wish you would look away. I’m not the man I thought I was yesterday. I always change, and you stay just the same. You don’t get angry; you know I’m not to blame. You say, “you’re caught in a war that you’re not gonna win, but if you knock on my door, baby, I just might let you in. I know shit can get real when you stay in one place; when you sit there and feel what no amount of thinking can erase.” But I’ve been doing my best to be doing ok, so lay off, man, I’ve had a long day. I was afraid you would see through my smile and know I can’t wait to be alone for a while. You know I love you and hate to cause you pain, but you’re bound to get a little roughed up playing in the lion’s mane. From the little red lines to the wolves at the door, I gave some warning signs that were not so easy to ignore. You say it’s easy to change, but I stay just the same: fickle and strange, with one too many tigers to tame. But I’ve been doing my best to be doing ok, so lay off, man, I’ve had a long day. Yeah I’ve been doing my best to be doing ok, so try to understand I’ve come a long way.
White Owl 03:59
White Owl In my dreams I will come to seek you out. When I sleep, I'll become a white owl and fly out of my window and into your window, and rematerialize as myself and wrap my snowy, naked limbs around you... So, so happy I found you. I used to think I was a one-of-a-kind. Then, in the blink of an eye, you appeared to show me I was blind. And now I can see everything and it's all beautiful; you made me realize all the stories I told were just lies that used to sound true. So, so happy I found you. Out of the black, foreboding skies, you are the sun that never fails to rise. And when the shadows cover me, you're the moon, I am your faithful sea rising with you as you shine on me... Through your eyes, I've learned to see myself clearly. I used to despise the poor girl inside the mirror, but now I just pretend that I'm looking at you looking right back at me. You show me the beauty that I never could see. So, so happy you found me.


For Benjamin Blake & Damon Stang


released September 16, 2016

All songs by Johanna Warren
Recorded and mixed by Bella Blasko
Co-produced by Bella Blasko & Johanna Warren
Mastered by Sarah Register

Johanna Warren - Vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, flute, harmonium, mellotron, vibes, synths
Bella Blasko - Vocals, piano, organ, mellotron, synths
Jim Bertini - Drums on Track 2
Jane Scarpantoni - Cello on track 9

Album photos by Gretchen Heinel

Gratitude to my family, Jerry Marotta, Jason Webley, D. James Goodwin, Gretchen Heinel, Jordan Tetewsky, Eli Walker, all my moonies, and JP


all rights reserved



Johanna Warren Portland, Oregon

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