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by Johanna Warren

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helicoidalbrain thumbnail
helicoidalbrain Somehow, at some point, this record saved my life. Favorite track: Black Moss.
Danny thumbnail
Danny This is a very special and beautiful album. Favorite track: Less Traveled.
Sara Riley Mattson
Sara Riley Mattson thumbnail
Sara Riley Mattson Today is one of those magical days when I stumbled upon an album I know will be a soundtrack of my life for the rest of my life. Numun is layers of lyrical, harmonious magic. Listen to it from start to finish and all will be right with the world. Favorite track: Follow.
Cheryl H.
Cheryl H. thumbnail
Cheryl H. An album of piercing honesty and beauty. I've relied on it a lot this past year, almost as a form of therapy. Thank you, Johanna Warren, for this jewel. Favorite track: This is Why.
JOHN MATHIAS thumbnail
JOHN MATHIAS A sweet rich tonal soundscape paints a picture to explore time and time again! Favorite track: True Colors.
Fred Clark
Fred Clark thumbnail
Fred Clark superb...loved the 'Fates' album and love 'numun' too
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Black Moss 04:08
Fear is the weight we carry from the cradle straight to our graves, and love is the treasure we bury; pain alternates with pleasure in beautiful waves and you've been watching me— you say I emanate some strange magnetic power, but don't be drawn to me; I may be here today, but soon black moss will cover over my dead body. You've been a lot of places— left me forgotten by your side— and maybe the feeling's baseless, but something still stirs in me when I look in your eyes, 'cause you've been kind to me; I never quite believed you when you said it's over. Well what is wrong with me? I trusted you—you watched me open like a flower over my dead body.
Follow 03:38
I think I know who you are, and I don't know how I let it get this far. Also there's this girl I met at a bar— she burned as bright and as unattainably as some distant star and from within her fragile flesh, where I lay my head to rest I could feel her heart hammering in her chest. Then and there I swore, by the blue light of her celestial glow, I would follow her where no one else dares to go. I know we've been here before; I never had less than one foot out the door. I know you expected more from me, but I've given up, so I don't know what it is you're waiting for. I don't even know her name, and maybe that's for the best, but I feel her heart hammering in my chest. I know I'm no good, and I hate to say that I told you so— why'd you follow me where no one else dares to go?
True Colors 02:44
I walked into the jaws of the lion. She stalked under the belt of Orion. We caught and disemboweled our disembodied prey. She shot like a bottle rocket into the fray. I crawled into the mouth of the river. She called; her silver voices made me shiver. We spoke; I posed, she painted my reflection. I awoke without the faintest recollection. Wherever you are, you'll never get where you're going if you're wound so tight. Forget the duality of wrong and right. Wherever you are, you'll never get out alive if you got no light. You can't see your true colors in black and white. I fell into the arms of my father. He knelt to kiss the shadow of his daughter. I heard she, having taken quite a beating, Found words true enough to bear repeating.
Figure 8 02:57
What've I got myself into now? Who's gonna save me when you're not around? And what if I get myself in too deep? Will the angels come down to carry me off in my sleep? Who put all these words in my mouth? What are these warped, wayward thoughts all about? And what's with the guy in the bulletproof vest? He's just a metaphor, but we should probably go— I think it's for the best. Tell me something I don't already know: Are you a mistake, or everything I've been looking for? Are you the meaning of life? Tell me, Figure 8, is everything alright? What if you're wrong and nothing's alright? What if it's me and not you who's ruining my life? So what if I got my head in the clouds? Up here it's not half as bad as it is down there on the hot, filthy ground. Tell me something I don't already know: Was I a big mistake just like all the ones you made before? Was I the love of your life? Tell me, Figure 8, was everything a lie?
Noise 04:31
She turned to me and, with a smile, said, where have you gone? You've learned to see, but, all the while, never saw that we are one. But time will close your tired eyes, and truth will grow over the lies. So let your yellow-bellied brethren burn to death or drown. Your fellow tethered devils never learn; don't let them keep you down, For time creates as it destroys, and truth will cancel out the noise. You see, God has his plans, but I've got mine, and little good will come to those who stand in line. I can't hear you 'cause of all the voices in my head. Humble dirt would turn to vapor every time she spoke. We'd crumble like her ever-burning paper turned to ash and smoke. But time creates as it destroys. One day we lost her in the noise. Shallow, rolling holy water rose and slowly fell. Swallowing a foreign body—rose red holes to show and tell— She was washed away with the tide. We saw the water in her eyes When she said, "God has his plans, but I've got mine." The white hot heat in her hands melted her mind. And the truth will bear its fangs, and you and I will be just fine, But she could never seem to understand these things take time. I can't hear you 'cause of all the voices in my head.
Apogee 03:13
We were in the woods. It was getting dark; you fell asleep on the ground at my side, suddenly awoke and, with a shudder, croaked, "Mother, won't you let me back inside?" Little one, if I were in your shoes, I would take the road less traveled. Then again, if I were really you, why would I be seeking counsel from me? Don't seek counsel from me. Triplets pitter-patter in pretty patterns, stippling and spattering my empty mind. If you clear a path, it doesn't matter where you wind up—who knows what you'll find? Myriad are the guiding voices if you take the road less traveled, but you're the only one who can make those choices, so don't take it from me. Why would you take anything from me? There is a time and a place in your mind more perfect than this world will ever be. You locked the door, don't live there anymore, but check both your pockets—maybe you still have the key. We built the walls— they were strong, overall— but now the barriers all start to fade away, and damn, it feels good: something we understood a long time ago but forgot somewhere on the way.
Pin Oaks 02:52
You knocked and I let you in (unlocked the door, led you under my skin) but hate lay like a snake in the grass, waiting to strike at our heels as we passed. She kept the key to my dark room; she left and warped the weft of my loom. I saw hordes of gray eyes and dark, hungry mouths; Lord knows what they were mumbling about. I lost hold of the rail I was grasping— ghostly pale, quaking like an aspen. Now this thick rope encircles my neck. Whisper, "I hope you're quick to forget." Grief warms the back of your throat; greedy wind snatches at your threadbare coat. Pin oaks and old rusty nails— pinafores rustle and fill like sails.
This is Why 03:33
Hey, would you wanna go with me to a party? It might be dumb, and I don't know anyone. Sure, I know there will be nothing there for me, but let's go anyway—I'll drive you home when we're done. We could sleep, but haven't you heard we're all dying? Living fast is much more fun! And I think deep down we know there's no point in trying, but all we know how to do is run, run, run, run, run... And this is why I cannot be alone anymore. I miss the time when I knew what my time was for. Oh my God, is it me, or is it getting harder to believe you were ever really anyone? I'm not sure, but I think I used to be much smarter back when I used to walk instead of run. And I could say what you wanna hear if it would stop your crying— that way might be much more fun. And I would tell you the truth, but I would be lying, 'cause even I don't know what I've done. And this is why I cannot be around anyone. I miss the time when I knew how to be alone.
Found I Lost 03:20
hey why'd you go? why'd you stay so long if you know i'm insane even though it's a game i play you say no body's to blame but you don't have to soften the blow well why should i care if i die you know life's not fair so come on, no more try ing let's sit and stare at our indescrib able, deep despair call me a li ar and a coward, tell me you know I wouldn't dare once in a while, things get bad i found i lost something i never knew i had you know the deal it's all for show you know nothing's real but let's try to pho tograph how we feel find the mo tor behind the wheel are we in mo tion or just still frames projected from an endless reel? once in a while, things get bad i found i lost something i never knew i had and i'm so so sorry
The Wheel 03:24
Old pain, why are you here again? In vain I have fled from where I've been— where am I? Tied to the chariot's ever-turning wheel, or high in the shattered tower of burning steel— where am I? How much more are you willing to take? Do you think you'll bend, or will you break? We try, but we never really go anywhere. Why am I the only one who ever seems to care? What am I? How much more are you willing to take? Do you think you'll bend, or will you break?


Released on Team Love Records.

This album is dedicated to The Moon: by honoring her phases, I am restoring balance to my body and spirit; and to the divine feminine: by collectively cultivating her, may we restore balance to our world.


released May 19, 2015

Johanna Warren - vocals, guitar, flute, percussion, oceans
Bella Blasko - vocals, piano, spaceships

All songs by Johanna Warren.
Co-produced by Bella Blasko & Johanna Warren.
Recorded by Bella Blasko in an empty apartment in Wildwood, NJ.
Mixed by Bella Blasko at The Isokon in Woodstock, NY.
Mastered by Greg Obis.

Album art by Emily Gui.

Special thanks to my family, Benjamin Blake, Jeff Johnson, Damon Stang, Nate Krenkel, David Allred, Andrea Tomasi, Kristin Bowen, Ryan Powell, Annie McKenna Blasko, Dan Goodwin, Eli Walker, Jim Bertini, Connor Milton and Jonathan Nocera.


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Johanna Warren Wales, UK

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